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Who is Mark Levy?

I am a customer-obsessed nerd, passionate about Digital Customer Experience (DCX), and I want to help individuals and organizations get a greater return on their efforts.

I've been working in the CX and digital space for many years, most recently at Comcast as VP, Digital Experiences, leading a talented and dedicated team of experience professionals for the Xfinity branded consumer products and services. In that role, I was responsible for strategy, design, and delivery of omnichannel sales and consumer self-service experiences across web, mobile app, AI chatbot, IVR, and SMS messaging. Our focus was on driving increased digital sales and self-service transactions, reducing agent interactions while increasing NPS and customer satisfaction.

In addition, as VP, Customer Experience Delivery and Operations, I led the creation of an experience quality discipline combining testing, data, analytics, and insights that guided prioritization and delivered more efficient digital customer and agent experiences, reducing operational costs and increasing transactional and employee NPS scores dramatically. Also at Comcast, I helped launch Xfinity Mobile, recognized for its digital sales and service simplicity by customers and by ACSI, as #1 in customer satisfaction in 2021. (XM is now a key part of Comcast’s Internet business strategy)

Prior to Comcast, I worked with senior leaders at AT&T, Jaguar/Land Rover, Cricket Wireless, Nokia, and more on digital CX strategies and apps.

My true passion is at the intersection of technology and customer experience - combining user-centric research and design with data, platforms, and tools to deliver awesome digital customer experiences. I love digging into the customer journey to define the ideal digital experience, uncover pain points, analyze the causes, and fix any issues. To me, that's an experience that is available 24/7, is personalized, proactive, thoughtful, simple, seamless, requires no additional human interaction, and delivers loyal, excited customers as well as operational efficiencies and cost savings for the business.

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Mark Levy
Building great digital customer experiences is my passion. Former Comcast VP, Digital Experiences.