DCX Podcast

Welcome to the DCX Podcast - where I interview leaders in the Customer Experience space about how digital is changing the landscape, and how you can leverage these changes for success in your business. 

DCX 13 - Local Government Experience Efforts - Working Out Loud

To get the local government experience lowdown, I reached out to John Proffitt, Chief Digital Officer for the Franklin County Data Center in Columbus, OH, to talk about his work leading the Government Experience (GX) Foundry team to improve customer experiences for government services. As the CDO, John is building and leading a team delivering:

  • Government Experience (GX) Digital Services Strategy and Consulting

  • GX Development: Custom digital solutions design and development

  • GX Platforms: Managed digital services

  • GX Concourse: One Franklin County digital presence and communications

DCX 12 - "Storytelling gives our data a soul.” - An interview with Zack Hamilton

I am excited to share my conversation with Zack Hamilton, an Executive Practitioner at Forsta. With over 20 years driving customer-focused innovation for brands like Aaron's and Medallia, Zack shared his unique perspective on what it really takes to put the customer at the heart of experience transformation. His enthusiasm for CX is truly contagious and inspiring.

DCX 11 - A Talk with Megan Burns

Imagine my excitement when I got the chance to chat with the brilliant customer experience guru, Megan Burns, on the DCX podcast! I've been an avid follower of her remarkable career, so you can only imagine how eager I was to hear her incredible insights on CX. Believe me, Megan didn't disappoint. The interview was an absolute goldmine of practical wisdom that any CX professional could apply to their own work.

DCX 10 - Welcome to the Metaverse

In this week’s DCX Podcast, I talk with Yonaton Raz Fridman, CEO of Supersocial, and host of the podcast ‘Into the Metaverse,’ about how virtual worlds are becoming the next-generation playground for young people and how brands are showing up in these environments.

DCX 9 - Empathy in Action

Today I'm excited to be talking with Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, a senior advisor to the CEO at Genesys, Tony Bates, who is also her co-author of Empathy in Action, How to Deliver Great Customer Experiences at Scale.

Today we're going to talk about empathy, a huge topic that I'm very interested in, and technology and how you can bring them together in support of building great customer and employee experiences.

DCX 8 - Moving Beyond Surveys with Predictive CX Analytics

Today I'll be talking with Richard Owen, the founder of OCX Cognition, a predictive CX analytics software company. Richard was part of the original team that developed the NPS methodology with Fred Reichheld and brings this and more than 15 years of CX expertise to today's conversation. He's also the co-author of ‘Answering the Ultimate Question’ which quickly has become the how-to guide for NPS practitioners.

DCX 7 - Response Time Analytics and the Future of Customer Experience

Today, I'm super excited to be talking with Rafal Ohme, and Victor Szczerba, co-founders of Response Time Analytics, and Mike Kennedy a strategy and business advisor to the team.

RTA has developed a neuroscience and AI application for response time analytics and filter responses. We're going to dig deep into what that means. It's been used for ultra-high-end surveys by consultancy companies to measure emotions. And this allows them to unlock emotions from digital feedback to detect more accurate feedback, which I think is something we're all looking for.

DCX 6 - Driving Insights and Action in CX

In this episode, I talk with Ed Murphy, Co-Founder and President, and Beth Karawan, Co-Founder and EVP of ImprintCX. ImprintCX is an integrated marketing and customer experience services company that provides insights, consulting, and activation for the Fortune 1000. The company is powered by sophisticated analytics, deep human understanding, and design thinking to help organizations develop strategies that will keep and expand their customer base. 

DCX 5 - Conversational AI and Customer Service

Today, I'm excited to be talking with Ted Mico. Ted is the co-founder and CEO of Thankful.ai. an AI customer service SaaS solution for customers and support agents. Founded in 2019, Thankful already powers services for brands that lead the world in customer experience, including Crate and Barrel, Ralph Lauren, Bombas, and on UnTuckit, among many others.

DCX 4 - Journey Analytics and AI

An interview with Will Thiel, the founder and lead product architect of Pointillist the customer journey analytics and orchestration SAAS tool. Pointillist was recently acquired by Genesys, the global leader in cloud customer experience and contact center solutions. Will has been at the forefront of bringing AI and machine learning into the customer experience domain and he is now the head of the core platform for Genesys Cloud. I'm excited to speak with him today about journey analytics, his path to journey analytics, where he sees things going in the space, and AI and machine learning in particular.

DCX 3 - Healthcare, Retirement, and the Digital Customer Experience

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Matt Benjamin, former partner customer engagement and automation and transformation lead at Mercer. He has over 20 years of experience constantly evolving Omni channel digital experiences, contact center operations, and enablement and has led teams as large as 1000. As a transformation and automation strategy leader he led the global strategy focused on artificial intelligence and digital customer engagement.

DCX 2 - Evolution of Healthcare Digital Customer Experience

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with David Edelman, a highly sought-after marketing and digital transformation advisor and lecturer, about how healthcare journeys can be improved and how AI is evolving healthcare to new levels.

DCX 1 - The Frictionless Organization

In this, the first DCX Podcast episode, I talk with Bill Price and David Jaffe, about friction and their new book The Frictionless Organization. Deliver Great Customer Experiences with Less Effort. Bill and David explain how frictionless organizations cut costs, grow revenue, and create loyal fans by creating products and services that work so well for their customers that they never have to contact them for the wrong reasons.